Hot House Combo

6th March 2020- Tickets £5.00 ON SALE IN NEW YEAR.....

Butterfly Collector

Hot House Combo- will be playing at The Butterfly Collector Barry on -6th March 2020.

Tickets £5.00 ON SALE in the New Year... Doors 19.00....

“New Orleans inspired Jazz & Swing.”

“The Hot House Combo play the Jazzier/Swingier sounds of the 1930’s and 40’s incorporating clarinet, accordion, washboard, double bass and guitar. Writing original material in the same style full of witty life stories. Perfect to accompany your Pint."....

+ Tickets from Mike Duggan + 07561 143 114 + e.mail Also on sale at the Butterfly Collector.

Martin Harley

22nd March 2020- Tickets £15.00 in advance.....

Hangfire - Barry

Martin Harley - will be playing at The Hangfire Barry on - 22nd March 2020.

Tickets £15.00... Doors 18.30....

Martin Harley is a supremely talented Roots and Blues guitarist, singer and songwriter with a burgeoning global reputation. He’s a devotee to the music that came out of the Mississippi Delta, the slide guitar, and many other forms of roots music. Though Harley’s sound is rooted in the blues it seeks to tell his own story and draws on the ruminations of a musician who has spent much of his life on the road.

In 2019 British guitarist and songwriter Martin Harley is making a change. Having created a deep impression on the acoustic blues roots and Americana scene with his last two Nashville recorded albums, his highly anticipated new record finds a new and exciting sound. An Intimate and gritty analogue album, recorded in a remote chapel deep in the wilds of Pembrokeshire. Taking county blues riffs to the electric bottleneck slide guitar, served with sweet vocal harmonies over the driving rhythms of co producer and drummer Harry Harding (Yola Carter/William the Conquerer) Award winning Australian bassist Rex Horan finalises the line up. He has recorded and performed with Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and Laura Marling.

+ Tickets from Mike Duggan + 07561 143 114 + e.mail Also on sale at the Butterfly Collector.

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Stillhouse Junkies

28th March 2020- Tickets £10.00 Barry Arts Festival Show....

St Mary's Church Barry

Stillhouse Junkies- will be playing at St Mary's Church Barry on -28th March 2020.

Tickets £10.00 TICKETS ON SALE NOW... Doors 19.00....

Swing, Bluegrass and Roots Music.




“Born in a distillery in Durango, CO, Stillhouse Junkies play a delirious, head-spinning mixture of original roots, blues, funk, swing, and bluegrass music. With all three band members sharing vocal duties and swapping instruments, the Junkies conjure a wide range of tonal landscapes that pay tribute to the iconic sounds of Gillian Welch, the Allman Brothers, Tim O'Brien, the Wood Brothers, John Hiatt, and countless others while breaking new musical ground with their genre-bending original material."....

“ They don’t play like junkies... They sound great! — Ray Benson, Asleep at the Wheel

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Jeffrey Foucault

7th April 2020- Tickets £10.00 in advance.....

Butterfly Collector

Jeffrey Foucault - will be playing at The Butterfly Collector Barry on -7th April 2020.

Tickets £10.00 in advance ON SALE 16th January 2020... Doors 19.00....

“Contemporary and timeless”


“Home is not a place but a power,” somebody says, and here in these songs is the roving longing that makes a prayer of what is seen, no matter—desert or hill or river: I wasn’t born here but I’ve been here for a while. Jeffrey gives us the ample and aching heart, the long hunger that is life as it shimmers past, the elusive want, the face remembered. The hands. Pretty hands. The blown river. “Stay together/learn the flowers/go light” one poet writes—go light and, by god, hang on. I see paintings. Millet, maybe—a woman in a tavern and light is time and time is the light passing. Plain people. Humble. It is summer and the window is open. You are 22. You will marry. No: whatever can have been is gone from you; it belongs to the life unlived. Big open sky and a creaking fence. The chance encounter that goes electric. “I’m in crush with you,” my kid used to say—and I guess I would say they are crushing, these songs. They get to me. A warble in the heart. They feel like my favorite turn in the road, the long run of dirt when the mountains go blue and the jackrabbit beats you running. The late open mic of the soul. If you go, you go. You go like hell. Albuquerque. Eldridge. I am right there and anywhere at all. Jeffrey makes it all blood country"....

- Noy Holland

+ Tickets from Mike Duggan + 07561 143 114 + e.mail Also on sale at the Butterfly Collector.

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The Washboard Resonators

7th May 2020- Tickets £8.00 Butterfly Collector....

Butterfly Collector - Barry

The Washboard Resonatores- will be playing at Butterfly Collector - Barry on -7th May 2020.

Tickets £8.00 TICKETS ON SALE NOW... Doors 19.00....

Jazz, Ragtime, Hokum, Blues, Comedy and Vaudeville Sounds

Jack Amblin
Martyn Roper

“The Washboard Resonators hail from Leeds and can be described as sounding and looking like ‘a ragtime street band meets a Hollywood musical on a theatre stage somewhere in around 1932’.."....
Formed in 2014 they started out busking while playing together in blues trio Leeds City Stompers. Word spread and quickly the duo was in demand, playing many times per week. This lead to many major festivals and shows such as The Great British R&B Festival and Upton Jazz Festival as well as completing tours of the whole of the UK every spring and winter.

“Jack Amblin has an extraordinary talent. In his hands, the washboard becomes an instrument of infinite possibility giving the music a unique sound filled with rhythm and power. Coupled with Martyn Roper, a guitar player of both substance and style the pair deliver a technically brilliant set full of foot stomping anthems. Classic tracks are interspersed with original songs. The audience love it and it’s easy to see why. The Washboard Resonators take the street corner music of yesteryear and serve it up for the delight of a modern audience. This old music is for most of us completely new. These songs have a way of getting inside your head, reminding us not to forget them”.

—Nick Evans,

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The Honey Dewdrops

17th May 2020- Tickets £12.00 Smoke House Session....

Hang Fire - Barry

The Honey Dewdrops- will be playing at Hang Fire - Barry on -17th May 2020.

Tickets £12.00 ON SALE NOW -... Doors 18.30....

Americana Duo

“The Honey Dewdrops – Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish– have long felt the push-and-pull between their original roots in the Appalachian mountains and their current home in urban Baltimore. You’ll hear it in their harmony soaked songs and the mastery of their instruments’ acoustic tones, but also in their songwriting, which reflects the hard realities of today."....

Ultimately, The Honey Dewdrops decided to keep their listeners at the forefront of their thoughts throughout the production of Anyone Can See. “We want people to feel like they are sitting in the room with us, close by,” said the duo. The result is a record drenched in sonic roominess, each of the tracks stretching to fill the space, but with a warmth that allows the album to fit comfortably anywhere. In this way, the intimacy oscillating throughout the record complements and overturns the melodic vastness: nobody will get lost in this expanse.

"Acoustic, folky Americana rarely sounded finer. An uplifting listen!" - Mark Nenadic, Anyone Can See Review. - Americana UK

+ Tickets from Mike Duggan + 07561 143 114 + e.mail or from Booking Agent Direct THE HONEY DEWDROPS... Read More